Shame on you NYT!

Last week it was an indictment of dental x-rays.  This week it’s telling you to stop flossing.  Maybe next week they’ll say tell you to just stop going to the dentist altogether!

The New York Times is acting like the Donald Trump of dental healthcare reporting; sensationalizing headlines, giving snippets of factual information without context.  They’re pandering to people’s dislikes, fears and financial concerns.

All of this towards what end?

Does the Times think that their articles will make people trust their dentists more?  Does it think it will keep people healthier?  Do they think this is a public service?

What’s the motivation of a newspaper like the NYT in undermining trust and possibly encouraging damaging and dangerous behavior?

It has to be to get more readership something they’ve been losing for years,  because more readers equals more revenue.  That’s what this is really about… more money.

Shame on The New York Times and the NY Post (which ran a copycat article).  We expect more from The NY Times!

Like The Donald’s quest for more votes, the NYT is sinking to new lows in search of readership and profit.

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about flossing.  If you’d like to read it, please send us an email and we’ll resend it to you.

Nowhere in these New York Times articles is there mention of risk assessments, saliva testing or bacteria profiling.  Nowhere do they mention personal, individual evaluations to determine appropriate and customized care.

Obviously the authors of these articles are not patients or don’t read my blogs/emails.

I’ve written a letter to the editor about last week’s article.  I guess I’ll write another one.

To everyone’s good health and wellness,