“Renewal” Of Life

Two people in my life are currently awaiting kidney transplants.  My mother died of kidney disease.  These experiences brought me to an informational meeting in Westchester last Thursday night.  It was an introduction to an organization called “Renewal.”

I also have a patient who gave one of his kidneys to his sister.  A friend, too, has been tested as a donor for a family member in need. I knew of the possibility of “live” kidney donation, but I didn’t know that it was open to anyone who wants to help someone else live.  Fortunately, we have two kidneys and only need a single, healthy one to survive.

This organization acts as a clearinghouse or a conduit for people who need a kidney as well as a connecting system for donors.  They even help facilitate swaps for kidneys donated by others who might not match their own family members.

While I am a registered organ donor, live donation is even more desirable, especially in the case of kidney disease where live donor kidneys are much more effective and last much longer than deceased kidneys.  They are truly life saving.

Between my mother’s kidney disease, patients’ experiences and even caring for several nephrologists, I thought I knew all there was to know.  I was wrong.

I never knew an organization like Renewal existed.   I’m glad I learned about this organization.

I thought that you might want to know too.

As your dentist, kidney health is something I too, have been concerned with.  My mother’s disease was worsened by drugs that were used to treat several other chronic diseases.   The cumulative effect of taking all those drugs for so many years was to damage these vital organs, eventually necessitating dialysis.

Drugs, especially those used chronically, can have all kinds of unintended consequences.  It’s why getting to the source of a problem and preventing its recurrence can minimize the need for drugs that often just treat the symptoms while also causing other problems.

Dialysis is amazing technology but nothing can replace nature’s equipment.

Take a look at www.life-renewal.org

To everyone’s good health and wellness.