My Senior Moment

When did it happen? Or, am I just overly sensitive after receiving my Medicare card?

Last week, I went to a functional medicine forum in Manhattan. I’ve been studying all kinds of traditional and alternative avenues that can lead to good health. I do this for personal wellness as well as professional enlightenment so that I can better customize and give the most effective care for you. And, I greatly appreciate the philosophy of not treating every symptom with a pill or a procedure. Perhaps in my “old age” I’m beginning to believe in the “less is more” approach.

Back to the functional medicine forum. Of the 50 or so attendees, I was clearly the oldest. Then, while taking the subway back uptown, I again had a “senior moment.” I was by far and away the oldest person in that subway car.

When did this happen? When did I turn into the “elder statesman,” the senior citizen, or the old fa__t?

I’m beginning to come to grips with this situation. I’m trying to cope with the fact that the road behind me is much longer than the one ahead. I have removed the rear view mirror and look forward to the journey of discovery ahead.

So, rather than press the accelerator to the floor, I’ve decided to enjoy this journey by making as many pit stops as I can along the way. I’m going to, partly because I’m older and wiser, take my time to smell the roses before I’m pushing up the daisies.

Yes, I am now, under any definition, a senior. I’m OK with that label because after all, it’s just a label.

I also appreciate how the road that got me here has afforded me so many gifts and blessings.

I’ve always had an acute sense of social responsibility. Helping others and giving back has been a constant in my life so, as I sit writing this on an airplane bound for Israel, I am excited about the possibilities this upcoming week will provide towards deepening and broadening my philanthropic and social endeavors.

I’m traveling with Dean Amid Ismail of Temple University’s Dental School. We are both members of The Alliance For Oral Health Across Borders which seeks to open “Bridges to Peace” connecting areas of conflict.

We have two ongoing initiatives. One, between India and Pakistan, and the other between Israel and the Palestinian Territories. This trip is about the latter.

People who have heard or read about what I’m doing have asked to be kept informed so I’ve asked Lauren to distribute these travelogue-blogs via email and Facebook.

Please look forward to these reports and please share them with others. You, too, can help me create a strong and lasting “Bridge to Peace.”