July 20, 1969

July 20, 1969

I remember that day as most who were alive and old enough then do. But, I remember it for another reason. While man landed on the moon 47 years ago today, it was also my first date with Laurie Jay, to whom I’m now married.

The memories of that day are so vivid, I can feel them and even smell them. The fragrance of Shalimar still wafts in my nasal passages. I remember where we were and even where I stood as we watched Neil Armstrong take the giant leap for mankind.

Thankfully, our marriage has outlasted the Apollo space program, which is but a distant memory in the minds of most Americans today.

Too bad. 7-20-69 was a great day for America and it was a great day for me.

It was the beginning of a wonderful relationship that has blossomed and born fruit that I could never have imagined nor believed I deserved. A great friend and companion, 2 wonderful children, whom together with their spouses have given us 4 grandchildren and one grand-dog.

47 years ago the seeds were planted and the roots that took hold are deep and healthy. They are fed with constant attention, communication and love.

I think NASA should take a lesson. They’ve lost the momentum that Laurie and I have managed to maintain.

NASA has meant so much to each of us. Yet, we don’t appreciate the contributions that we enjoy daily in our lives. NASA inspired innovation has resulted in implantable heart monitors, solar panels, light-weight materials, water purification, cancer therapies and more. Our modern computer systems and the ubiquitous GPS systems we use on our smart phones all owe NASA recognition.

So, on the anniversary of the momentous event, I’d like to thank my wife for saying yes to my request for that first date and thank you to NASA for continuing to help us all.

I think they need better PR!

To everyone’s good health and wellness,