It’s the pits!

The first job I had during the summers in high school was working for a fruit and vegetable store, Farmer Joel’s Market in Oceanside.  I learned a bit about produce and I know that August is when local cherries, peaches and corn are in season.  As a dentist, I also know that summertime is when I see more cracked teeth, as the sharp edges of pits can act as wedges and pry apart teeth. Ouch!

So, be careful when eating anything with pits.  And, when you see us and we recommend a filling be replaced (like the one below), please do it sooner than later.  Eating fruit is healthy.  Fixing cracked teeth is a costly nuisance that we’d like to help you avoid.

The filling above did not bother John so he ignored our recommendation to replace it. 3 years later, while eating a cherry, the tooth cracked below the gumline and you can see (the photo on the right) the part of it that was removed. Eventually, the entire tooth had to be removed and an implant and crown placed. This became a year-long and quite an expensive ordeal.

Our technologies allow us to find these potential problems even bore you get symptoms. They can help us help you prevent them from becoming a real pain in the neck, so to speak.

If you haven’t come in for an examination, please do so, so you can eat comfortably and worry-free.

To everyone’s excellent health and wellness,