Holistic Oral Health Debunked: Part 3

“Root canal procedures may increase your risk of cancer and other degenerative diseases.”

This is the 3rd claim and a common one among the holistic, alternative and functional community.   In my estimation, this is one, along with the “bone cavitation” theories, present the greatest danger to good oral health care.

These people maintain that it is impossible to clean out an infected root canal and hence, it is always a potential source of infection.  Just as when after a tooth is removed certain bacteria can become trapped in “bone cavities,” sit there and wreak havoc on one’s body by spewing out toxins.

And, some of the same “Holistic” people would claim that implants should also be avoided because they also “trap” bacteria in the body and act as a “foreign” agent repository.

That’s just nonsense.  It’s like throwing the baby away with the bath water.  Are all root canals bad?  Do all extractions and implants predispose people to yet more infections?  Nonsense!

These so-called and self-proclaimed “experts” would have you remove teeth rather than keep them, and keep the spaces unfilled rather than replacing teeth with implants.  Its as if they totally ignore the negative impact that missing teeth can have on digestion and overall health.  After all, people who keep their teeth live longer!

Infections are bad.  That’s a given.  But, will all root canal treated teeth stay infected? Will all extraction sites remain infected?  Will all implants cause bacterial contamination?  Of course not, especially if we have a healthy immune system.

A lot has to do with how the root canal, extraction or implant is done, what happens afterwards, and how one’s body responds.

This is yet another reason I feel it’s a great idea to know what one’s bacteria profile is.  A person with a high-risk bacteria profile will probably be at greater risk for all sorts of infections and post root canal, post extraction and post implant complications.  

There’s NO data on this.  To my knowledge no studies have been conducted using a person’s bacteria profile as a factor in assessing treatment with root canal, extraction or implant complications.   That’s a shame, but that’s the case.

And, just because there’s no data doesn’t mean that you can’t use some common sense.  That’s the ‘clinical judgement’ that is all but lost in today’s healthcare that focuses on “evidence based” or insurance dictated treatment.  Instead there are outrageous claims being made by people preying on those who suffer.

Partial truths, anecdotes and scare tactics make “Holistic” claims sound appealing, especially to those who might not be getting results from traditional medicine or therapies.  In my experience, that’s usually because a doctor just hasn’t found the cause.

Should YOU avoid root canals, extractions or implants?  Absolutely NOT!  These procedures, when done properly are safe, effective and have been proven in countless studies. 

And, if there are problems after a procedure, getting at the “cause” will resolve the issue.

Uncovering CAUSES rather than just treating symptoms is the philosophy Manhattan Dental Health is dedicated to.  It just makes sense.

To everyone’s excellent health and wellness,