Hi-Tech Valentine?

People think I love technology, afterall, it seems that I always have a new “toy.”

Actually, I have a love-hate relationship with technology.

I love the benefits of technology allowing me to deliver the best possible care. I love the benefits it brings to my patients. I love that it can help speed the process making things more efficient.


I hate the fact that I’ve become dependent on technology. I hate the fact that I can no longer fix these things without a tech person. I hate the fact that technologies become obsolete so quickly and costs so much.

I must admit that some of the technology that I purchased promised benefits, but did not totally fulfill that promise. One very expensive system that promised to allow us to make “same day” crowns was just too cumbersome to use and still keep visits reasonably short. You know how I hate keeping people waiting and this technology was too time consuming and unpredictable for me.

BUT, we do have a new and exciting technology that I have been using for nearly six months. It is a light system that allows us to see through teeth. With it, we can see cavities between and on top of the teeth, as well as alongside fillings. It can, in some instances, take the place of x-rays and anything that helps reduce radiation is a GOOD thing.

Is this system right for you?

It depends on whether you have existing caps, crowns, bridges and fillings. This light system, called CariVu, won’t allow us to see under them and it won’t show us what’s happening in the bone under the gums. So, sometimes we still need x-rays depending on your particular risks of developing cavities or gum problems.

So, why would you think most dentists aren’t adopting this technology?

Hint: follow the money.

Insurance companies will pay for x-rays (way too frequently in my opinion) and most, as yet, won’t reimburse for this new decay-finding system. Plus, it’s an expensive little gadget. So, without a way to recoup their investment, why would a dentist invest in this piece of equipment in the first place?

It’s just another strike against insurance companies and organized dentistry in my book. It seems that neither have the best interests of the patient at heart.

Anything that can reduce radiation is, in my opinion, a worthwhile investment.

At MDH, we have never been flippant about x-rays. We always think about WHY and if there’s another option. Now, more than ever, there is in some instances, an alternative. It’s just another way we try to keep you happy and healthy.

To everyone’s excellent health and wellness,