Do It Yourself Healthcare

There is now yet another entry into the market.  You can now order a kit to take a mold of your mouth, send it to a company who will give you clear aligners to straighten your teeth.

This “club” promises straight teeth.  Sounds great!  Everyone wants straight teeth and a beautiful smile.  Right?

Do it yourself (DIY) healthcare is a trend, in part because of the high cost of healthcare and the failure of our political and government agencies to control costs.  At nearly 20% of GDP, America’s healthcare is going to literally break the back of our economy.  That was why President Obama felt this to be an urgent mission during his tenure.

Let’s get back to straight teeth; a worthy and healthy goal.

Having done Orthodontics since the 1980’s and Invisalign since 2004, I’ve seen the issues with dentists trying to do things orthodontically that can’t or shouldn’t be done.  It can open a Pandora’s box that could result in significant problems such as lost teeth, gum disease, cracked fillings, TMJ pain, malfunction, and even sleep and breathing problems.  The list of potential problems goes on and on.

Bad orthodontics resulting in breathing and sleep problems?  You betcha!

I’m all for saving money, but do it yourself healthcare can carry significant and even life threatening risks.

Mark Twain said it best, “Beware of health books. You might die of a misprint.”

The same can be said of our unregulated internet.

Thinking of it as do-it-yourself dentistry?  PLEASE ask me first.  I’ll explain the issues as they relate to YOUR unique situation.

Some people can get away with less expensive, do-it-yourself remedies for certain things.  How are you to know?  I want to help.

One of the reasons I write these blogs, emails and newsletters is to provide you with the  information to counter all of the potentially dangerous information that is out there. 

Today, more than ever, “caveat emptor” (let the buyer beware) should be your motto.

Should you have a question about anything dental related, email me.

To everyone’s excellent health and wellness,