All abuzz about…

Well I didn’t mean to be so prescient last week when I spoke of the Zika Virus.  It seems we’re learning more about this mosquito transmitted disease every day.  I have confidence in Dr. Thomas Frieden and the CDC’s ability to guide us through this, the latest mosquito-borne, viral outbreak.

According to Dr. Frieden, director of the CDC, 2 major issues affecting people in underserved areas around the world are tooth and skin issues.  People suffer from decay and gum disease as well as chronic itchy skin.  The thought just makes me wriggle.

Dentistry and Dermatology aren’t what you would have expected to hear as the most common debilitating problems.  I would have guessed Malaria, Dysentery or some other illness.

Having heard that from Dr. Frieden, it makes my involvement with the DVI, free children’s clinic in Jerusalem, that much more meaningful and important.  This weekend I met a group of dentists in Texas who do similar work in Romania.  There are many people who, when they see a problem, just want to help.

Helping the DVI clinic is easy and can be done through our website

While I just relinquished my presidency, I am still on their executive committee and board of directors. I still intend to go yearly to volunteer and work on the children. I always get more from my experiences there than I give.

I am also involved with another group called The Alliance For Oral Health Across Borders, whose mission is to help facilitate dental care all over the world.  I look forward to bringing my expertise from my experience in Jerusalem to bear to benefit a wider audience.

With all of my “other ” commitments, I want you to know that my primary commitment is and will always be to YOU.  YOUR health and wellness have been and always will be foremost on my mind and in my actions.

In fact, this weekend I spent in Dallas with a group studying the latest information about how oral health impacts overall health.  The data is conclusive, even if we don’t fully understand the complexities.  The bacteria in our mouths have an impact throughout our bodies as does INFLAMMATION.

Heart disease, stroke, lung problems, cancers, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and other debilitating and deadly illnesses have been associated with dental problems such as disease and inflammation.  It’s now a fact that a healthy mouth is a crucial part of a healthy body.

You will be hearing more of this from me and from our hygienists over the next several months and years.  We’re entering an exciting time in healthcare as we uncover causes so we can better understand and hopefully prevent symptoms and disease.  MDH believes that such preventative care is better care, allowing you to stay healthier, looking younger and staying vital, longer.  We’re leading the way so you can benefit from the newest, innovative, regenerative, revitalizing technologies and techniques.

To everyone’s good health and wellness,