The 3 Critical Components of Health

I just returned from another conference. That’s how I spend a good deal of my weekends; in search of the best and most up to date information and opportunities to help people. At this conference Physicians, Dentists, Chiropractors, PhD’s, Nutritionists and Osteopaths all spoke about health. There 3 were the common themes.

Airway, Inflammation and Epigenetics

Airway’s effective breathing controls how oxygen is taken in and distributed through our lungs to every cell in our body.

Inflammation is the reaction of our immune system that can result in most of the chronic diseases that have become so ubiquitous in our modern society.

And, Epigenetics are the factors that control our genetic expression that accounts for an estimated 95% of how our cells react.

Why are Americans sicker, on more medication, and more overweight than ever and than most of the people on the rest of this planet?

1. We’re not breathing properly and getting enough sleep (often related to breathing).
2. Our immune systems are working on hyperdrive.
3. We’re being inundated with toxins, foods, medications and environmental factors that are causing genetic modifications that are manifested as illnesses.
4. We’re being programmed to accept things that are not in our best interest health-wise.
5. We have a sick-care rather than a health care system.

While there are more reasons and possible solutions, I think a good start is to look at one’s own health, history, environment and diet.

I’m personally doing this and will be happy to share my journey with you.

The most salient message of this conference was this: You can choose to pay for health now or pay to fix it later on down the road. I know my choice. What’s yours?

At Manhattan Dental Health, we want to help you. Breathing, Inflammation and epigentics are things we might be able to help you improve. That’s why all these seemingly disparate healthcare professionals got together last weekend. The mouth is connected to the rest of the body.

Dentistry has traditionally provided oral wellness care. Somewhere along the way, this trend has changed so prevention has taken a back seat to “procedures.” Manhattan Dental Health is pushing against this trend. We want to help people stay healthy and avoid more costly care.

To everyone’s good health and wellness,